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Wireless Network Issues

Lately our home network seems to have lots of wireless network issues. Dropped signals, and poor quality, mostly.
The setup consists of a Belkin N router, and an Airport Express (n) with its wireless enabled, while leaving the wireless option off on the Belkin. Part of the reason to make the wireless come from the Airport and not the Belkin was to see if performance would improve, but this has not been the case. In our end of the house (our room), sometimes we get full bars, other times we can’t see the wireless network.
My next step, I think, should include replacing that Belkin N router and the Airport Express all together with an older Linksys WRT54GL router that I still have somewhere in a box. I never had any issues with this router; we even purchased one at work. So, the Linksys, although slower (g), should be tested once again.
I never liked the Belkin N in the first place, and my only reason to use it it’s because of the N capabilities. We have two laptops, two iPhones, a wired PC and another wireless PC using a USB card.

My other idea was to run cables through the attic throughout the house, and placing a few AP’s in different areas, hoping that it would improve performance. I am still contemplating this idea.

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Baby’s Sleeping Schedule

Nicholas’s sleeping schedule seems to be adjusting. During the very first few days and weeks, he used to sleep constantly throughout the day and night, waking up about 2-3 times a night for a feeding and/or diaper change.
Lately, he’s been staying up longer during the day and going to bed and waking up only once – usually around 06:00 a.m. for a feeding.

We try to have him awake during the day but, sometimes we wishes he would sleep, allowing us to do stuff around the house. Sometimes he’s quiet, even while awake – so we can still do our house chores. We are looking forward to a more uniform sleeping schedule where he goes to bed around 08:00ish p.m. and wake up once, early on the next day. But if the day comes, I think we’ll be worried that he’s not waking up as often.

Ahhh…new parents 🙂

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WoW’s Performance after installing 10.5.7

It seems that the performance of the game has improved since my last cleanup and re-tweak. Emptying the WDB and WTF folders seems to have helped somewhat with the low frame-rates that I was having a few days ago.

Another thing I noticed that improved performance was decreasing the screen resolution from 1650×1050 to  (goes to check the resolution, it’s at 1650…so never-mind!)

I thought the resolution had something to do with the performance of the game, but apparently not. It seems to be working okay for now. It’s still laggy and slow in Dalaran, but it’s to be expected.

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Mac OS 10.5.7 Update

The long-awaited Mac OS X 10.5.7 update finally drops on us this week. Apple’s download servers were instantly flooded with users trying to download the update. Needless to say that the download speed was quite slow the first few hours after the release was announced on the Internet.

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From Prot to Holy

So I decided to finally level up my Paladin to level 80, after being in the leveling for a very, very long time. I rolled protection.
Now I’m thinking about going into Holy. Or should I do Retribution? I don’t know! I’ve never played a Retribution Paladin, so I’m guessing that this is a good idea to start one. But then – I already purchased some honor gear for a Holy build. I have already played healing classes, including this Paladin in earlier levels, a resto Shaman at 70, and a resto Druid at 70 and now 80.
The way I look at it is this: As a holy (or prot) Pally, I have more chances in getting in different groups as I please. That’s about it. As a Ret pally I can grind and kill stuff faster, but have less survivability. What do I want to do with this build? I think PvP for now, since PvE on my prot pally seems a bit daunting. Perhaps I should let the fear go and start up groups and lead up raids, even if it’s VoA or OS 10/25.
Who knows. I’ll post back some details later on what I’ve decided.