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From Prot to Holy

So I decided to finally level up my Paladin to level 80, after being in the leveling for a very, very long time. I rolled protection.
Now I’m thinking about going into Holy. Or should I do Retribution? I don’t know! I’ve never played a Retribution Paladin, so I’m guessing that this is a good idea to start one. But then – I already purchased some honor gear for a Holy build. I have already played healing classes, including this Paladin in earlier levels, a resto Shaman at 70, and a resto Druid at 70 and now 80.
The way I look at it is this: As a holy (or prot) Pally, I have more chances in getting in different groups as I please. That’s about it. As a Ret pally I can grind and kill stuff faster, but have less survivability. What do I want to do with this build? I think PvP for now, since PvE on my prot pally seems a bit daunting. Perhaps I should let the fear go and start up groups and lead up raids, even if it’s VoA or OS 10/25.
Who knows. I’ll post back some details later on what I’ve decided.


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