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Leveling a Priest

Here we go again, back to the drawing board. Just when I thought that my leveling days were over, I realize that I was wrong.
Way before I transferred to the server Blackrock, I decided to create a “test” character to experience what would be like to play on that server. That character was a priest by the name of “Globito.” (Don’t ask!)
Globito was played until he reached the early 20’s – from there on he went on a long, and I mean LONG vacation. He stayed in the low 20’s for months…only to wake once again in mid June ’09.
For some unknown reason, I always like to go “against the crowd.” I usually don’t play DPS classes, such as rogues, warrior, retribution paladins, hunters, etc. I did play a mage in Vanilla but he stayed at 60 – in nearly full epic gear and all. For some reason, I always find myself playing a defensive, self-sufficient class. Perhaps there’s an innate feeling in my head that leads me to think that I can’t play a DPS class, or I like the challenge, or I like the survivability and self-dependability of the class and role I choose.
So, a few sentences and a paragraph later, here I go into the topic of this post: Leveling Globito!
Since you know me and I know me, you’ll know that I am not leveling a priest as shadow…surprised? I hope not. I plan to level as Discipline/Holy – YES – as painful as this may sound for some. My idea, again, is not to DPS a mob down with two dots and a shadow bolt (wait – nevermind…); I mean, melting the mob’s face, but I plan to be different. I am having fun as discipline so far, and even more so in the lower level PvP brackets.
I’m still debating which talent point to use next, and I’m passing my hours on WoWHead’s talent calculator trying to figure out which is the best way to use my Discipline/Holy talents to level and do some PvP while doing so.
Here is one of the rough drafts for the talents I’ve chosen:

Anyways – without further delay, I end my blabber. I am sure to add more to this later as Globito levels up.


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