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Pink Floyd Fever

Woah talk about being late to the show! I seem to have been…
Throughout the years I’ve always known of Pink Floyd and their music. They are/were a HUGE band with incredible success, music and emotions. I’ve recently obtained most of their albums and been listening back-to-back for the past three days.

What can I say? Wow! David Gilmour is a monster on that guitar; the solos are really touching, meaningful, and have “feeling.”

While most of Pink Floyd’s music is still new to me (besides the few tunes overplayed on the radio), I have already chosen quite a few of my 5 star favorites:

  • Hey You
  • Sorrow
  • Marooned
  • Comfortably Numb (I can’t get this one outta my head!!! The outro solo is AMAZING!)
  • Have a Cigar
  • Cluster One
  • Wearing The Inside Out
  • The movie “The Wall” has been sitting in my “dvd’s to watch” spindle for quite a few years now, after renting it and burning it a while ago. I’ve got to watch it…SOON!

    I am enjoying the Pink ride so far… but how about this?

    I’ll go have a cigar while wearing the inside out and feel comfortably numb… then I’ll call you…
    – “Hey You!”, let’s head over to “Cluster One.” I’ve been “Marooned” for too long!


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