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Jackson burial moved to September 3 –

First and foremost, my respect to Michael. I wasn’t a true fan, didn’t follow his music, but do enjoy listening to his most popular music.

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Having said that, I wonder – Yes, we know who he was. We know he was the King of Pop, a huge artist with incredible success, lived a life of fame and drama, etc.

But, how is it possible that a body is not buried within a certain period of time. How is it possible that, if he died on June 25th, he still has not been interred? Typically most people who die will have their service and burial within a few days, maybe a week or two – after their death. Mr. Jackson has already been dead for nearly two months! Doesn’t the body decompose? Where is his body being kept? In a freezer? Inside his casket?

I don’t know, but I’m quite intrigued and annoyed at the fact that the poor man is still not in his final resting place.

Wherever it is, please make it happen. He is no longer with us, and he needs to rest in peace. Stop with the bickering, the fighting and get him to his final destination.


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