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Google’s Chrome Browser

I’ve always been a Firefox user ever since I discovered it, before it started to gain market share, on the early days when it was still on version 1.xx and have been a happy camper. I was somewhat reluctant to try anything else, since Firefox does everything for my browsing needs and it’s fairly fast.
Recently, I’ve decided to take the plunge and try out Google’s Chrome browser, version 2.0. There is an immediate notice in terms of speed, simple and streamlined user interface, but this comes at a great cost.

There are many features which make Firefox superior to Google’s Chrome, which include private browsing and immediately deletion of the browsing history upon closing the browser windows. These two, in my humble opinions, are one of Chrome’s biggest downfalls when compared to Firefox, Safari, and even Internet Explorer 8!

Safari is my main browser on my Mac, while Firefox is my main browser on my work’s PC.

For the time being, I will continue to use these two browsers as mentioned, since they work great in their environment. Firefox for the Mac isn’t all “there” yet, so I’m sticking to Safari.

Google Chrome is a great and speedy browser, but it’s feature-needy. Keep the interface clean as it is, while allowing users a bit more control of their browsing privacy. And also – please, give us an option to remove the most visited thumbnails from always coming up when the browser is launched.

Now, I’m off to finishing the remaining posts that I have sitting on my “drafts” folder.


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