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When teh crowd can’t spell

I don’t know where I received my education, or where other people receive theirs, but for quite a few years, I’ve noticed that people simply CANNOT spell!

As you may have seen on the Internet in blog posts, forums, articles, etc., below are some of the most common mistakes that I run across on a daily basis.

quite – quiet (It’s quite in here). You mean, it’s QUIET in here.

it’s, its – Its a hot day. Or…It’s a hot day. Now, IS IT?

And more than ever, when it comes to belonging:

“I don’t like it’s color.”

where – were “Were did you go?” Or – “Where did you go?”

their, there – “Their coming home.” Or… “They’re coming home”, or “They are coming home.”

whose, who’s “Whose coming to your party?” Or “Who’s coming to your party?”

your, you’re – “Your funny.”

THEIR refers to belonging! “It’s theirs.”

grammar, grammer: This is funny. I actually saw someone tell someone else: “Your grammer is terrible!”

REALLY? WHOS grammer are we talking about here?

I saw “it’s” being used where “its” was supposed to be used, and vice-versa in a PRODUCT MANUAL! I won’t mention the company.

I am no English major, nor a perfectionist, but it’s just really irritating to see our future Presidents, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers have such terrible writing skills.
My take: If “your” not sure how to spell it, don’t use combined words.


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