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The Current Status of Music

Music is evolving at an alarmingly fast pace, there is no doubt in my mind about it. Have a listen at any artist that has released an album within the past one or two years, compare it to the music they had a few years ago, and you should quickly notice the difference. It’s like, the artist tries to fit more into the mainstream crowd, plays “radio” music to please the rest of us.

What they tend to forget a lot of times, is that their true followers were those that started to listen to their music since their early beginnings, back in their non-so-popular days. A few examples of these are: DJ Tiesto & Paul Oakenfold. Listen to their later releases and compare to their music from the late 90’s, and up to 2004-2005.

It seems that anyone today can make up a few lines of the same, boring, non-creative repetitive blabber, pick a beat and some synth sounds from a computerized program, and create “music.” Where have the days of creativity, passion, feeling gone? Is there anyone out there that is musically inclined and open to expending their taste? I would love to meet young people, especially in their early 20’s to early 30’s who listen to a different type of music other than what gets overplayed and overhyped on the radio.

Who listens to Jazz, Classical, Tango and Vocals anymore? Does anyone out there listen to Frank Sinatra, Kenny G, Gato Barbieri, Yo-Yo Ma, Andre Rieu or others alike?

Please drop a line if you do. I’ll be still searching the dictionary for the definition of “boom boom pow.”


One thought on “The Current Status of Music

  1. yes yes yes yes and yes
    Frank Sinatra, Kenny G, Gato Barbieri, Yo-Yo Ma, Andre Rieu or others alike?

    of course I was a music major in the 80s (now an IT Specialist)
    and was married to a Puerto Rican so I discovered of Tito Nieves, Ruben Blades, José Feliciano, Trio Music and Ray Barreto. I myself still play jazz piano. I like 80s, classical, jazz and Salsa.

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