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Going Lossless

After much debating and thinking about it, I’ve decided to convert all my CDs to Apple Lossless. For quite a few days, I pondered on the idea of whether to go to the lossless format or not, comparing any differences, file sizes, portability, compatibility, pro’s and con’s of going lossless (or not), and such.

After briefly comparing Flac and Apple Lossless, I have decided to go with the latter, for the simple fact that it provides the best overall benefits and compatibility for my needs. While many audiophiles out there support the Flac format, going this way simply was not an option for me simply because there is no iTunes support, and lossless is just lossless.

I will begin the long and tedious journey of ripping my CDs, once again – hopefully this time will be my last, unless some better lossless way is discovered. This also means that I plan to trim down “the extra fat” in my iTunes library, by simply having music which I have purchased digitally and ripped from a CD which I own or may borrow.

Gone are the days of adding music to the library just because I can, or just because “it’s a new release and I want to have it…” If it’s in my library, I own it, whether in digital or CD form.

Which leads to another topic that I’ve been actively thinking of over the past few days. Is lossless really worth it? What about buying the music online, digitally? There are music online stores, such as iTunes Media (or Music) Store, and Amazon MP3, but as long as CDs are sold, this will be my preferred method of buying music.


One thought on “Going Lossless

  1. Thanks for your post. I have ripped virtually all of my CDs to my Mac using the AAC format, but when I got the new Beatles stereo remaster box set last month, I decided to lovingly rip them as Lossless. I figured that if someone finally took the time to make them sound as good as possible, why demean their efforts by compressing the results? Of course, they sound SO much better than the original CD masters, which were crap.

    Now that I’ve done that, I have been strongly considering making the same move you’re talking about – converting the music that I REALLY like to Lossless, getting rid of the jetsam, etc. However, as I am currently in the market for a new Mac, I’m going to wait a couple of months before I truly begin that project.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your ideas and opinions on the subject. I don’t read a lot about this kind of stuff, because music seems so disposable to people nowadays, and free/cheap music/formats are the rule now, so it was good to read that someone else shares my feelings on this.

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