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Apple Releases New Hardware: iMacs, Macbooks, Magic Mouse…

As previously rumored and posted on the MacRumors website, Apple has released some, if not all, of the expected updates to their Mac lineup. This includes: Updated iMacs, now with two choices for screen size: a 21! and 27″, and it includes a wireless mouse and keyboard.
Apple also released a new version of the Mac Mini, which sells for $999 and it is advertised as a “Mac Mini Server.” It includes Apple’s latest operating system, Snow Leopard Server, and it’s aimed for small business at an affordable entry price. Many will disagree, and will say “this is just an expensive mini”, but in reality, it is well-priced. The license for the server version of Snow Leopard sells for $499, so for another $500 you get a mini with the features that the “server mini” has.
In addition to these, the Macbooks were updated as well. Other products include: a new mouse labeled “Magic Mouse”, an all-aluminum remote control, as well as new and improved versions of the Time Capsule and Airport Extreme devices.
To read the full article and get all the details, go to ars technica’s website by clicking here


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