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Macbook Pro Matte vs Glossy

I am on the verge of purchasing a new Macbook Pro to replace my almost 3-year old Macbook Pro. When glossy where first introduced on the Apple products, I was disgusted that they had gone so mainstream, but quickly said to myself: “They’ll never do it to the rest of the line or the rest of the ‘Pro’ series!” Boy, was I wrong. They did, and it now has consumers confused more than ever before. Yours truly is typing from a matte screen. My wife has an HP laptop which has a glossy screen. I have used it and try to “see” the reflections, and while they ARE there, they are only there when you focus on them. If your eyes stay on your work and you don’t shift focus, the reflection isn’t that bad – at least not on this HP laptop. I am very confused, for I am not sure whether I want matte or glossy. I thought I would never consider a glossy screen, but after a few trips to the Apple store, man – glossy looks pretty good and sharp! But after countless hours of reading reviews and seeing how upset many people are regarding the glossy screens on the Macbook Pro’s, it makes me want to wonder and reconsider my blind choice of going glossy. I compared them, side-by-side, and matte definitely looks sharper and more saturated. The matte screen looks washed out. (these were machines at the Apple Store). There was also a lot of reflection from the fluorescent lighting from the store on the glossy screen, while none on the matte. This was, distracting when looked directly at – but after a few minutes I was able to ignore the reflections. I think it all comes down to personal preference. I am, indeed, glad that Apple brought back the matte on the Macbook Pro’s, but they should also extend the option to the rest of their displays, including the iMac & Cinemas. Without any further ado, I close my rant with the following: Try them both, ask questions and see for yourself. No one can make these decisions for you. Reading more about matte vs glossy online just adds to the confusion because there always are two sides to the coin.
It’s still not time for me to upgrade, but hopefully in the near future I’ll be getting the new Macbook Pro with a 17″ glossy display.


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