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Installing an RDP client on Fedora12

There is no Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client installed on Fedora 12 by default – at least not one that I could find.

An RDP client is needed to connect to Windows Terminal Servers and other Windows machines using the RDP protocol.

Installing a gnome-RDP program is fairly easy, and can be done from the command line in a few minutes.

To install the gnome-RDP client on Fedora 12, launch Terminal by going to Applications > System Tools > Terminal, and type in the following commands (commands are in bold, explanation in parenthesis)

  • su – (needed to become root, type password when prompted)
  • yum install gnome-rdp (this downloads and installs the RDP program. Accept dependencies if prompted)

After that’s all done – should take about 2-3 minutes – you can find the gnome-RDP program by going to Applications > Internet > Gnome-RDP


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