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Asus Support Site Downloads Slow

I really don’t know why Asus doesn’t spend a little more money and upgrades their pipes to allow for faster download speed.

I don’t want to use any download managers or P2P to download the files I need – I just want a fast download of a file when I need it. Period.

Right now I’m downloading the VIA drivers for an older board, the P5VD2-MX SE, and the download speed is ridiculously slow, hovering between 5 KBps and 6.5 KBps.

No, there is nothing else downloading in the background, and I have a fairly fast connection. Downloading files from other sites is way faster than this.

In the meantime, I’ll just continue to work at this 800 x 600 resolution… until the download is complete.

Reinstalling Windows and not having drivers for all the hardware is a nuisance.


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