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WD MyBook NOT Sleeping on Windows 7

Not sure why – perhaps drivers – but my Western Digital MyBook Essentials isn’t sleeping when connected to my PC – running Windows 7 x64.

It used to sleep when I had it connected to my Mac, but not anymore. I’ve searched WD’s website in hopes of software, but didn’t find any. Other than this minor issue, the drive works great.

I’d hate to unplug it every time I’m done with it… It must sleep on its own!

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Rounding up/down in C#

Random C# Notes. Using Visual Studio 2010. Some of this information has obtained through self-discovery, books, or random Google searches from other sites. I will give credit to the original author where due.

These are just plain code notes- not meant to be a tutorial.

Code is in italics.

Round  up/down a number or variable:

Math.Round(number, x);

Rounds a number “number” by “x” amount of places.

Math.Round(37.777, 2); //will result in 37.78


Create and activate a “Reset” or “Clear” button. This is useful if you want to clear the user’s entry. This code needs to be added after double-clicking the button which will “clear” or “reset” the field.

TextBox.Clear(); //(WPF)
TextBox.ResetText(); //(Windows Form Application)
label2.Text = ” “; // This sets the code for the label as one blank space, making it look empty (it’s not really empty, its value is a blank space… but it works, WPF)

Code for an “Exit” application button or command:


I’ve got to find a better way to do this… Maybe a OneNote document…

I’ll be back with more.

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On My Mind

What’s on my mind lately?
LCD TVs (LG), Blu-Ray DVD players (LG), over-clocking my PC, some programming in C# in WPF (learning..). I’m starting a “C# notes” section, just to use as self-reference. Nothing too formal there, just plain notes.

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Windows 7 Drivers for Asus P5VD2-MX SE

Asus doesn’t provide drivers for the P5VD2-MX SE motherboard for Windows 7 on their website, but that didn’t stop me from upgrading my aging system from XP Pro to the shiny 7.

Windows 7 installs pretty well, but the video and audio drivers are generic. The audio doesn’t work, and the video driver is “just-ok”, but not as fast as it should be. Windows Updates doesn’t have audio and video drivers for this board – at least, not as of this writing.

After doing some browsing in the Asus forums, I found a post by someone suggesting to go to the Realtek website and getting the drivers from there. So, that’s whath I did, and downloaded the audio drivers for the system. Before installing the driver, I recommend creating a Restore Point, just in case you run into trouble. The installation went well as expected, although I received a Windows warning telling me “the publisher isn’t verified…”, but I disregarded the message, and the installation finished successfully. I had sound even without restarting my PC!

The link to download the audio drivers for your P5VD2-MX SE board running Windows 7 is here: p5vd2-mx se audio drivers.  I suggest grabbing a cup of coffee or the newspaper, because although the file is fairly small (74.7 MB), the download speed is slow… took me about 25 – 30 minutes on a 1.5 mbps connection.

I thought I’d have the same luck with the video driver, and headed over to the “S3 Graphics UniChrome Pro” website,  but couldn’t find the appropriate driver to download. After some “googling”, I found a forum post by someone suggesting to download the XP-64 bit drivers and the line “FeatureScore = FC” to the inf file. Tried that, but didn’t work.

I guess I’ll continue to use the system as it is, and keep looking for the video driver. That, or just buy a plain, cheap, video card.