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Shut Down Solaris 11 Express

Here’s a quick command on how to shut down – or power off – a Solaris machine. I tried this using Solaris 11 Express, but have also tested it to work on OpenSolaris and OpenIndiana.

From the terminal:

$ sudo shutdown -y -i5 -g0

This is what it means:

– sudo: Run the command with elevated privileges. Not needed if logged in as root

– shutdown -y: Confirm that you DO want to shut down the system

– i5: init level 5: Power off the machine.

– g0: (it’s not “go”, it’s gzero). Shut down the machine immediately without a grace period. Increase the number to delay the shutdown by n¬†amount of seconds. I always use 0 seconds on my Solaris server.


4 thoughts on “Shut Down Solaris 11 Express

  1. poweroff is not a graceful shutdown. From man page:

    The halt and poweroff utilities do not cleanly shutdown
    smf(5) services. Execute the scripts in /etc/rcnum.d or exe-
    cute shutdown actions in inittab(4). To ensure a complete
    shutdown of system services, use shutdown(1M) or init(1M) to
    reboot a Solaris system.

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