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Apple Lossless vs Flac

Below is a very old post which I saved to my drafts folder over 6 years ago, according to the date on “Draft Saved.” I am posting it just for reference, as some things have changed and I no longer use a Mac 100% of the time and no longer consider Apple Lossless to be even an option.

After I wrote the draft below, I decided and ripped all my collection to flac using EAC and dbPoweramp. All the music files have been happily sitting on my NAS for the past few years – a bit lonely I’ll admit. I’ve been using Spotify and Pandora quite a bit for some time now and haven’t listened to my flac collection much.

Original draft date: Sometime in 2010

Just as I thought that I had already made a decision regarding which format to choose to rip my music collection, I find myself confused, looking at pros and cons, and considering starting all over again.

There are different and mixed opinions when choosing a lossless codec. A vast majority vote for flac due to its wide availability in both software and hardware, and also for being open source.

Apple Lossless, on the other hand, it’s tightly integrated with iPod, iPhone, iTunes, and the rest of the Apple software and hardware. It makes the most sense if you are strictly using Apple software and hardware (which I am, to some extent). Being a Mac user, I had originally chosen to go with Apple Lossless – there was no doubt about it.

But now as I’ve ventured into open source software and have been using Linux, I see Apple Lossless more of an obstacle and less of a “one-fits-all” decision.

In order to play Apple Lossless, I’ll need iTunes at the very least. There are other programs out there that play Apple Lossless, but iTunes is the most known.

Flac, on the other hand, has software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is also a wide range of hardware products that will play flac files without the need to do anything special.

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It’s been a while (3+ years) since I’ve posted anything on this blog, but this doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped breathing or that I’m living now under a rock. I’ve been quite busy over the past 3+ years, learning a ton, and experimenting with and trying new things.

I will make this post short, merely to say that I plan to pick up where I left off and continue adding. I was considering starting a  new blog from scratch, but I think that I have some valuable information here that I’d like to keep to reference to in the future. I’ve also noticed quite a few hits on some pages, proving that some of the information I’ve posted has been somewhat useful to those who have visited.

For now, this is my first post of the day, and I’m going to aim to post something useful at least 2-3 times a week – hopefully daily as I get used to writing again.