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It’s been a while (3+ years) since I’ve posted anything on this blog, but this doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped breathing or that I’m living now under a rock. I’ve been quite busy over the past 3+ years, learning a ton, and experimenting with and trying new things.

I will make this post short, merely to say that I plan to pick up where I left off and continue adding. I was considering starting a  new blog from scratch, but I think that I have some valuable information here that I’d like to keep to reference to in the future. I’ve also noticed quite a few hits on some pages, proving that some of the information I’ve posted has been somewhat useful to those who have visited.

For now, this is my first post of the day, and I’m going to aim to post something useful at least 2-3 times a week – hopefully daily as I get used to writing again.


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