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Nicholas James 7 months old

Times goes by so fast… It’s nearly impossible to believe that it was only yesterday when Nicholas was born, and today – seven months and a few days later, we look back and say “where has the time gone!?”

Over the past several months, we’ve been quite busy with the little one. We’ve seen him do his first roll from his back to his tummy, from his tummy to his back, discover his hands and feet, start grabbing things, smiling, laughing, learning to get on his knees, doing his first crawling steps, and now he’s even standing up!

We can no longer leave him alone in our bed like we used to – put a few pillows on the side and walk out of the room to get his milk, get a diaper – or whatever it is. He is SO fast and mobile, that he crawls and scurries around on our bed, his crib, his playground, pretty much anywhere! He’s very active, is learning to say “mama”, “papa”, “poof”; and is learning to turn to the sound of his name.

My wife and I look at him now, and think of him when he was a newborn, and are just overwhelmed by the changes that he’s gone through in the past few months. He is now eating some solids – absolutely loves banana and apples, drinks water and his formula, and even snacks on crackers, froot loops, or anything that we may think that could catch his attention.

Hopefully, I will post some pictures soon.

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Nicholas James 3 months old

I can’t believe how time flies so fast. It seems as it was merely yesterday when he was born, and he will be turning three months tomorrow. The past three months have been the most beautiful months of my life, especially when sharing time with my son, Nicholas James Ortuno.
Over the past months, we’ve seen him from drinking just a few cc’s of milk, to 1/2 ounce, a full ounce, and now he’s up to four ounces plus breast milk. Incredible! I remember the first time when we put him on his belly, he could barely pick his head up and, when he did, it was very briefly. To us, new parents, every little event, anything he does, is HUGE!

Now, almost three months later, Nicholas is still growing strong, drinking lots, sleeping less, smiling, cooing, learning to use his hands to grab things, and he even likes to watch TV, absolutely loves it when we read or sing to him, and of course, loves bath time.

Three months later, and we look back at how tiny he was when he was born. At only 5.1 lbs at birth, we were a bit alarmed, because we were not expecting our child to be born under what is considered “normal” weight.

Nicholas continues to make progress in his growth and interaction with parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and everyone who visits him. He impresses everyone, because of his great, absolutely-great attitude and well-behavior as a baby. My wife and I can’t stop thinking about him, and we constantly measure his progress.

I thank God for giving me the greatest gift of life. My Son.

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Baby’s Sleeping Schedule

Nicholas’s sleeping schedule seems to be adjusting. During the very first few days and weeks, he used to sleep constantly throughout the day and night, waking up about 2-3 times a night for a feeding and/or diaper change.
Lately, he’s been staying up longer during the day and going to bed and waking up only once – usually around 06:00 a.m. for a feeding.

We try to have him awake during the day but, sometimes we wishes he would sleep, allowing us to do stuff around the house. Sometimes he’s quiet, even while awake – so we can still do our house chores. We are looking forward to a more uniform sleeping schedule where he goes to bed around 08:00ish p.m. and wake up once, early on the next day. But if the day comes, I think we’ll be worried that he’s not waking up as often.

Ahhh…new parents 🙂