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Leveling a Priest

Here we go again, back to the drawing board. Just when I thought that my leveling days were over, I realize that I was wrong.
Way before I transferred to the server Blackrock, I decided to create a “test” character to experience what would be like to play on that server. That character was a priest by the name of “Globito.” (Don’t ask!)
Globito was played until he reached the early 20’s – from there on he went on a long, and I mean LONG vacation. He stayed in the low 20’s for months…only to wake once again in mid June ’09.
For some unknown reason, I always like to go “against the crowd.” I usually don’t play DPS classes, such as rogues, warrior, retribution paladins, hunters, etc. I did play a mage in Vanilla but he stayed at 60 – in nearly full epic gear and all. For some reason, I always find myself playing a defensive, self-sufficient class. Perhaps there’s an innate feeling in my head that leads me to think that I can’t play a DPS class, or I like the challenge, or I like the survivability and self-dependability of the class and role I choose.
So, a few sentences and a paragraph later, here I go into the topic of this post: Leveling Globito!
Since you know me and I know me, you’ll know that I am not leveling a priest as shadow…surprised? I hope not. I plan to level as Discipline/Holy – YES – as painful as this may sound for some. My idea, again, is not to DPS a mob down with two dots and a shadow bolt (wait – nevermind…); I mean, melting the mob’s face, but I plan to be different. I am having fun as discipline so far, and even more so in the lower level PvP brackets.
I’m still debating which talent point to use next, and I’m passing my hours on WoWHead’s talent calculator trying to figure out which is the best way to use my Discipline/Holy talents to level and do some PvP while doing so.
Here is one of the rough drafts for the talents I’ve chosen:

Anyways – without further delay, I end my blabber. I am sure to add more to this later as Globito levels up.

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Going Chef

So I’ve gone around the world trying to gather as many recipes as I can find, and I can say that I’ve already hit the 100-recipe mark, which is the one required for Sous Chef, which is ultimately required for Hail To The Chief.
For the past few days, I’ve been doing the cooking daily in Outlands to obtain the Kickin’ it up a notch achievement.
My next difficult task will be to level fishing, since past my current skill level (235) it’s SO SLOW to level, waiting up to 4-5 catches for a skill-up. I will need some of the fish to continue to cook some of the recipes required for the achievements, and in order to also get the fishing achievements.
Have barely had time lately to play anything at all, with just enough time to login and do the daily.

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WoW’s Performance after installing 10.5.7

It seems that the performance of the game has improved since my last cleanup and re-tweak. Emptying the WDB and WTF folders seems to have helped somewhat with the low frame-rates that I was having a few days ago.

Another thing I noticed that improved performance was decreasing the screen resolution from 1650×1050 to  (goes to check the resolution, it’s at 1650…so never-mind!)

I thought the resolution had something to do with the performance of the game, but apparently not. It seems to be working okay for now. It’s still laggy and slow in Dalaran, but it’s to be expected.

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From Prot to Holy

So I decided to finally level up my Paladin to level 80, after being in the leveling for a very, very long time. I rolled protection.
Now I’m thinking about going into Holy. Or should I do Retribution? I don’t know! I’ve never played a Retribution Paladin, so I’m guessing that this is a good idea to start one. But then – I already purchased some honor gear for a Holy build. I have already played healing classes, including this Paladin in earlier levels, a resto Shaman at 70, and a resto Druid at 70 and now 80.
The way I look at it is this: As a holy (or prot) Pally, I have more chances in getting in different groups as I please. That’s about it. As a Ret pally I can grind and kill stuff faster, but have less survivability. What do I want to do with this build? I think PvP for now, since PvE on my prot pally seems a bit daunting. Perhaps I should let the fear go and start up groups and lead up raids, even if it’s VoA or OS 10/25.
Who knows. I’ll post back some details later on what I’ve decided.